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Best Resources for Pregnant Climbers

Here starts an epic journey. More challenging than any route finding, boulder problem, or giant flapper. Firstly, from all the women of Mum's Gone Climbing, CONGRATULATIONS! Next, let's talk climbing while pregnant.

The majority of our members have navigated climbing and pregnancy at some point. Each individual will have their own way of doing this, as everyones circumstances are different. Some women put climbing on hold due to choice or necessity, others comfortably climb into the third trimester. It is a very personal journey.

The heart of our community, and the reason we exist, is to support women to find balance in motherhood. Your climbing life may need to be redefined some what, but carving out time for pursuits that bring you stoke will be a huge mental, physical and emotional benefit to your life as a mum.

It's important to find a path that feels right to YOU, and here are a list of our favourite resources to help you on the way.

*Please keep in mind that this should not be considered medical advice, each pregnancy is different, and you should speak with your care providers if you have questions or concerns*

Our Favourite Resources for Rock Climbing while Pregnant


Interview with Lynn Hill by Beth Rodden, about motherhood and climbing. Read here.

What to expect when expecting - Rock Climbing While Pregnant by Beth Rodden. Read on Outside Rock and Ice.

Keeping Climbing in the Picture While Pregnant by Tiffany Melius. Read on Pinnacle Sports.

Climbing for Two by Kerri Wallace. Read on UK Climbing.

Climbing During Pregnancy by Kinga Ociepka-Grzegulska (featured in doco Mama) Read here.


Training Beta Podcast with Joy Black - Training and Climbing During Pregnancy

Curious Climber Podcast with Dr Stacy Sims - Training and Exercise in Pregnancy

Baffle Days Podcast with Carly Le Breton, Amanda Watts, Andrea Hah, and Helen Day - From Climber to Climbing Mum


Mama - Sport climber and a mother of two kids, after 20 years of living her passion, sets herself a new goal - to climb the route that no women has ever done before. A story about Kinga Ociepka-Grzegulska - one of the most important figures of the last two decades in women’s sport climbing. Watch on Vimeo

Mum's Gone Climbing - Join a group of mothers as they adventure through some of Australia’s most stunning natural landscapes. Infused with the light hearted stoke, dizzying heights, and childish hilarity. These adventure women explore the realities, challenges, and whys of being a mum gone climbing. Watch on Vimeo on Demand.

New Life - Parenthood is an adventure like no other, not least in the world of adventure, where reward is constantly measured against potential risk. From fear of losing sponsors to the challenge of maintaining their expedition-led lifestyles, “New Life” chronicles the journey of The North Face’s Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson and documents the shifting priorities that come with raising a son in a world that revolves around climbing and outdoor exploration. Watch on Youtube.


@calliejoyblack Coach/climber/runner Joy shares amazing content for training and climbing while pregnant.

@drstacysims Researcher and Speaker Dr Stacy Sims is a leading global expert on female physiology and training.

@drkari.dpt Doctor of Physical Therapy and psyched climber, Kari shares loads of great training tips.

@cragmama Erica Lineberry is an inspiring climbing mom and homeschooler who writes a fantastic blog.

@onceuponaclimb Caro Ciavaldini sponsored climber and travelling family.

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