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Become a Facilitator 

If you want to help connect mothers who climb, and build a supportive community, you have come to the right place. Below is some important information about being a Mum's Gone Climbing facilitator. It really is quite simple, the most important thing is that everyone has fun… including you!

(okay, this actually comes second to safety...but safety is also very fun)

Our Mission

“The Mum’s Gone Climbing community supports and inspires mothers to find balance in parenthood through climbing, and outdoor adventure. We recognise the importance of holding space for other mums, as they push their boundaries, and find their joy.


Our community embraces all levels of experience, and we celebrate badass mamas no matter where they are on their journey. We constantly strive to create an environment that welcomes all mothers, and a culture that honors inclusion and diversity.”

Our Meetups

MGC meetups are run at indoor gyms, and outdoor crags. Encouraging mothers to take time for themselves, by hosting mum only meetups, is a big part of our mission. We feel it’s important to advocate for women to take time for themself, and prioritize activities that improve their mental health and resilience through motherhood. 


We also run Mama+Kids climb playdates, and family adventures. There is the opportunity to facilitate outdoor workshops alongside local guides and educators. These can often be tailored for our community, making the opportunity to improve knowledge and build on technical skills more accessible.  


Our meetups are reasonably relaxed, plans will adapt depending on each meetup and the individuals who attend. We aim to create a supportive and stoke filled environment at every meetup. No matter what a member's experience level is, they are welcomed into the group with understanding and encouragement. 


Mum's Gone Climbing is a meetup group. It is important to remember that we are not guides, or outdoor educators. So while organic mentoring happens often within the group, each member who attends is responsible for their own safety and the actions they choose to take.   


As a group we put the utmost importance on safety and best practices. We do buddy checks 100% of the time. If a member is taking actions that endanger themselves, or other members, it is important that we question what is happening (this applies if you are facilitating, or just attending as a member). Sharing knowledge and creating a culture of best practice will keep all of us safe.

If you choose to facilitate outdoor meetups it's important that all members attending have good technical knowledge, and safety practices. If your community has a number of climbers who are new to the outdoors it is best to engage the expertise of a professional guide. We have worked with numerous guides to create introduction to outdoor climbing courses, and this is a great way to expand the knowledge of our communities and to support local climbing guides. 

The Role of the Facilitator

Being a facilitator is actually quite easy, here are the basics. You need to have a passion for climbing, adventure, and maternal wellness. You also need to be open to ideas, flexible in your planning (we are mothers after all), and find joy in connecting people within your community.


When it comes to logistics here is a list of responsibilities for facilitating a meetup;

  • Create Facebook event for your meetup up that provides all the details members will need to know (location, time, type of meetup, what to bring)

  • Make sure you remain an active admin for the event. Answer any questions people may have, post reminders that the event is happening on our FB group, and on the day of the event keep an eye out for any members who are posting messages about being lost, running late etc.

  • When appropriate liaise with gym owners or supporting businesses about group discounts, meetup details etc. Often gyms are more than happy to promote meetups through their social media pages, as it helps to build the community within their gym.

  • At the event ensure members know of your location, welcome new members and make them feel included. 


If you are building a new community in your local area responsibilities could also include;

  • Administration role on the local MGC Facebook group. Replying to questions, approving members, encouraging conversation, sharing local events of interest, and managing any inappropriate posts or comments. 

  • Sharing MGC community details with other local climbing groups, gyms, retailers, and organisations. We have always found the outdoor community to be very supportive and welcoming of MGC. 

  • Liaising with gym and retailer owners/managers to build relationships that support the community.


Facilitators are exactly that, we make connecting with other mothers easy, and meetups run smoothly. We are not leaders, we do not take an alpha role, we don’t dictate every detail that occurs on the day. Facilitators who rock are like the sugar on top of an already amazingly delicious community.


Note that if you are new to facilitating, gym meetups are often the easiest to organize. Outdoor meetups are only appropriate for experienced climbers, with sound technical knowledge. There is always the option to engage the services of a local guide who can facilitate outdoor climbing for beginner climbers.

Welcome to the crew!

If this sounds like your jam, then we would love to connect with you about being a facilitator with Mum’s Gone Climbing.


Remember that in all of this you will have the support of other MGC leaders and facilitators. We have a dedicated group of people who are here to answer question, and encourage you along the way. Together we can help more amazing climbing mamas find time to get their stoke, be supported through mental and emotional challenges of motherhood, and connect with a community of like minded mothers.

Email for more information, or apply below.

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