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Our community embraces all levels of experience, and we celebrate badass mamas no matter where they are on their journey. We constantly strive to create an environment that welcomes all mothers, and a culture that honors inclusion and diversity.

We are a worldwide online community, that is constantly growing and finding new ways to support mothers. You can connect with us through Instagram and Facebook, and become part of our worldwide community of support.

We now have several local communities who connect for meetups, mum climbing weekends, women focused workshops, and family get togethers.  We now have groups in Australia, Canada and Scotland. Find all our locations HERE.

The story of why we are Mum's Gone Climbing

Hey, my name is Nell and I am the founder of MGC. Once upon a time in my mid twenties I was just discovering climbing when I fell pregnant. My climbing community consisted of mostly men, and I didn't know any mothers who climbed. I literally had no role models, so I did what I thought was the right thing and stopped climbing immediately. 

Our son was born with a rare genetic syndrome, and motherhood became a series of specialist appointments, therapy sessions, and WTF moments. Five years, and another baby later, I FINALLY stuffed my mama feet back into climbing shoes. It was a pivotal moment. 

Climbing seemed like a wonder drug for the challenges of motherhood, and I went on a mission to find other climb mama’s. What I found was a tribe of amazing women. Each with their own story, struggles, limitations, fears.... and every single one had been empowered by climbing.

This is how Mum's Gone Climbing began, and the journey is still unfolding. With the dedication of a small group of climbing mums we are continually growing and exploring new ways to help support and inspire our community.

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